2017 Shovel Buddy, L.L.C.

What is ShovelBuddy?

ShovelBuddy connects hardworking students with homeowners to provide reliable on-demand snow removal, leaf raking, mulching, and other yard work services.


How does it work?

Request a service:

  1. Visit our Facebook page or click the "Send to Messenger" button below.

  2. Interact with our Messenger platform to request a service.

  3. We'll look for nearby students and message you when we find one, when to expect them, and how much it will cost.

  4. A student or group of students will come to complete the job, no need for you to do any work.

  5. When they finish, you simply pay through Facebook Messenger from the comfort of your phone or computer.  

Work with us:

  1. Click the button above or go to our Sign Up page and fill out the application.

  2. When it snows, be ready to get a call and text from ShovelBuddy.

  3. When the ShovelBuddy team sends a request, simply grab your tools, go to the specified address, and start working.

  4. When finished, pack up, clean up, and ShovelBuddy will transfer your payment promptly. 

Students and homeowners alike love ShovelBuddy

"Thanks so much for getting me signed up. This is a great business" - Bobby, Shoveler


Who can use it?

ShovelBuddy is no longer in service. Please click here for more information.

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